About Us

Welcome to Duane Levy and Associates, Inc., one of the most trusted and successful real estate brokerage companies in California. Since 1975 Duane Levy’s name has been synonymous with the real estate brokerage industry. He and his team handle the marketing, entitlement, and development of raw land, residential subdivisions, ranch properties, and commercial properties throughout California and Colorado.

Duane Levy and Associates, Inc. have over 35 years experience in the land brokerage industry. Duane Levy founded Chaparral Land Company in 1978, and then gave the brand to his eldest son and started Duane Levy and Associates, Inc. in 2002.

We bring a combination of experience, knowledge of the industry, longtime builder contacts, diligence and a business practice second to none. In a business environment that has become increasingly impersonal and litigious, we operate on the notion that our word is our bond, and the value of a handshake goes a long way to establish trust with each client.

Our company was founded on high professional standards, moral values, and personal integrity. Those guiding principals have been the most important contribution to our success. These values establish trust and mutual respect, and have earned us recognition as a leading land brokerage firm in California. Our team consistently delivers on our founding principles. In addition to being competent professionals in land acquisitions, we provide our business associates with the confidence of fair treatment and persistent dedication.

Every transaction has a different set of circumstances, making each business deal unique. Our business practice is based on full disclosure. Clients can be confident that they will be dealt with honestly, respectfully, and most of all ethically.